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Welcome to, home of well, all sorts. If you are looking for our parent companites then you need to look here and here. is a side project of our parent company and we are here purely as a community site and the occasional technology showcase. The site is free to browse and there's never any shortage of things to look at here so take a look about!

Where did we go? has never been considered mission critical to us and about 6 months ago we lost the server it ran on, this was then compounded by a loss of connectivity. the hit rate of this site has never justified a mad clamber to get it back so we've just gradually put things back up as and when.

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New Server *again*
Ok, we are sort of back. Running on a Cobalt RAQ dedicated server and liable to get moved again at 30 seconds notice. Still we are trying :) Over the next few weeks we'll put things back to normal and start adding content, and yes, we know, most of the links don't work :)


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